MCFE 91st Annual Meeting of Members and Policy Forum
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
St. Paul River Centre, St. Paul, MN

Business Session 7:15 am – 8:15 am         Policy Forum (open to all)  8:30 am – 1:30 pm 

The MCFE Policy Forum is open to both members and non members, Members: please consider hosting a friend or colleague and introducing them to the MCFE.

Kim Rueben Luncheon Presentation on Immigration         

Boyd / Rockefeller Institute Reference Slides on Federal/State Relationship

Zahradnik / Pew Handout on Federal/State Relationship

 Event Overview

"What Does Washington, DC Have in Store for Minnesota?"

From all indications, the political and policy turmoil in Washington DC marking the first half of 2017 may even be exceeded by what is coming down the pike later this year.  According to reports, federal tax reform is next in the queue – a topic likely to be no less contentious than the recent health care debate.  At the same time, a highly controversial federal budget (or more likely) a continuing resolution will need to be passed before the federal fiscal year ends on September 30th.

Here’s some good news – our 91st Annual Meeting and Policy Forum on October 11 is bringing together some of the nation's foremost experts to help us make sense of what is happening, what isn’t happening, what might happen, and above all what Minnesota policymakers should be thinking about as a result.

Our tax panel includes distinguished DC-based tax policy authorities who have their finger on the pulse of reform discussions and the potential implications for state tax policy and state revenue systems.  Our fiscal policy panel features some of the nation’s preeminent scholars and professionals to examine how the federal/state relationship is evolving and the implications for a variety of critical government services such as health care, infrastructure, and education.  In addition to discussing state policy responses, both panels will explore potential implications for state economies and budgets in both the near and long term.

We are especially pleased to have Kim Rueben of the Urban Institute – Brookings Tax Policy Center, one the nation’s leading experts on state and local finance, as our featured luncheon speaker.  In addition to her extensive work in tax and fiscal policy reform efforts across the country, she also serves on a National Academy of Sciences panel on the economic and fiscal consequences of immigration – yet another federal policy topic of great interest to Minnesota and relevance to the state’s economy.

As always, individuals who are not MCFE members are more than welcome – please register and join us for this event!  

We hope to see you on October 11!

Federal Tax Reform Panel

  • Cynthia Bauerly, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Revenue
  • Max Behlke, Director, Budget and Tax, State-Federal Relations, National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Joe Crosby, Principal, MultiState Associates, Inc.
  • Doug Lindholm, President and Executive Director, Council on State Taxation

 Forum Moderator: Ward Einess, Former Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Revenue

Federal Budget and Fiscal Policy Panel

  • Donald Boyd, Director, Fiscal Studies, Rockefeller Institute of Government
  • Natalie Cohen, Managing Director and Head of Municipal Research, Wells Fargo
  • Myron Frans, Commissioner, Minnesota Management and Budget
  • Robert Zahradnik, Principal, State Fiscal Health and Economic Growth, Pew Charitable Trusts   

Forum Moderator: Chris Farrell, Senior Economics Contributor, American Public Media

2017 Annual Meeting Luncheon Speaker

Kim Rueben

Senior Fellow, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center and

Project Director, State and Local Finance Initiative