MCFE 90th Annual Meeting of Members and Policy Forum
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
St. Paul River Centre, St. Paul, MN

Business Session 7:30 am – 8:15 am         Policy Forum (open to all)  8:30 am – 1:30 pm 

The MCFE Policy Forum is open to both members and non members, Members: please consider hosting a friend or colleague and introducing them to the MCFE.

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Event Overview

Our 90th Annual Meeting of Members and Policy Forum is a unique opportunity to explore timely tax and fiscal policy topics while connecting with colleagues and peers and learning more about the MCFE’s ongoing work and activities.

This year, our tax and fiscal policy forums examine two issues of significant relevance to Minnesota taxpayers and the Minnesota economy.

2016 Tax Policy Forum

The State of State Tax Administration and Procedural Protections for Taxpayers

While Minnesota ranks near the top of the nation in the quality of statutes and rules governing tax administration, there is a growing sense of concern within the tax practitioner community regarding some aspects of tax administration.  This has led some to call for an upgrade of Minnesota’s existing “taxpayer bill of rights” to better guarantee fair and equitable treatment.

What are the primary process and procedural concerns of today’s practitioners?  Can they be addressed without creating unintended consequences or undue administrative costs?  And looking ahead at the evolution of state and local tax issues, what future administrative and procedural matters should we be thinking about now?  Using the findings of a MCFE survey of state tax professionals, a distinguished panel of tax experts will discuss these and other questions regarding how to promote a strong ethic and system of voluntary compliance through fair, efficient, and equitable tax administration.

Forum Participants:

  • Harley Duncan, Managing Director, KPMG, Washington, DC and former Executive Director, Federation of Tax Administrators
  • Cynthia Bauerly, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Revenue
  • Doug Lindholm, President and Executive Director, Council on State Taxation, Washington DC
  • John James, former Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Revenue
  • Senator Ann Rest, Chair, Minnesota Senate Tax Reform Division

2016 Fiscal Policy Panel

Health Care Finance, Cost Control, and the State Budget:  Are We Making Progress?

In 2009 the state’s Budget Trends Study Commission painted a near apocalyptic vision of future state budgets based on the combination of future demographics, state revenue trends, and historical rates of health care spending.  Since then both state and federal government actions have significantly altered the health care finance and delivery landscape.  New roadmaps, strategies, and recommendations have been developed  – all with potentially major direct and indirect implications for the state budget.   Yet despite all this effort and activity, the path forward appears still seems very uncertain – full of political complexities, philosophical controversies, and conflicts of interest.  

Where do we stand right now in our efforts to deliver on the financial sustainability of health care generally and our public health care programs specifically?  Where have we achieved success?  Is that success lasting?  Where do we seem stuck and why?  What are our biggest fiscal challenges in health care going forward and what will it take to arrive at consensus on how to address these issues?  Our panel of experts representing insurers, providers, and policy officials will discuss where we stand and what we need to do.

Forum Participants:

  • Rick Kupchella, Founder and CEO, i.e. network
  • Penny Wheeler, President and CEO, Allina Health
  • Emily Johnson Piper, Commissioner, MN Department of Human Services
  • Jim Schowalter, President and CEO, MN Council of Health Plans
  • Tom Forsythe, Former CCO, V.P., Global Communications, General Mills


2016 Annual Meeting Luncheon Speaker

Michael Guyette

President and CEO

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota