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Fiscal Fitness is the MCFE blog.  Check here regularly as we highlight national policy development and new research relevant to ongoing state tax and fiscal policy debates, provide our take on reports and studies released by agencies and other organizations, react to articles and editorials -- in short offer our thoughts and perspective on anything that captures our interest (or gets our dander up).

September 24, 2014

Choose Your Very Own Tax and Spending Reality

As Election Day approaches and another biennial budget session looms, facts about inflation-adjusted government revenue and spending trends are flying fast and furious.  A look at why these claims deserve a highly jaundiced eye.

September 02, 2014

How Other States’ Pension Crises Impact Minnesota’s Own State and Local Budget Debates

Think other states’ legacy cost debacles don’t affect Minnesota’s own tax and budget policies? Think again.

September 02, 2014

2014 MCFE Annual Meeting and Policy Forum: What Makes a State Tax System Competitive?

An all-star line up of national tax experts and distinguished officials from government and business will examine and discuss of the role of taxes in state competitiveness; how tax types, structures, and levels affect business decision making; and what all this means for Minnesota tax policy.