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How Does Minnesota Compare?

Provides state-by-state rankings of state & local government revenues and spending

50-State Property Tax Comparison Study

This unique study compares property tax burdens on residential homestead, apartment, commercial/retail and industrial/manufacturing parcels across the country

Multi-State Individual Income Tax Comparison Study

Compares individual income tax burdens for various filer types at different income levels

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November / December 2018

Showtime! 2019 Session Preview

The cast of characters has undergone a change but the storylines will look very familiar.

Greatest Tax Research Hits of 2018

Behaviors prompted by federal reform, the unintended consequences of eliminating tax havens, and new insights into tax compliance are some of the topics covered in our review of tax research in 2018.

Questions Beleaguered Property Taxpayers Should Be Asking

‘Tis the season for trying to figure out just why property tax bills are going up​

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Spotlight 19-03

Covers bills introduced between 2/4/2019 and 2/15/2019 -- House Files 633 - 1267 and Senate Files 761 - 1317.