Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence

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About the MCFE

”Fiscal Excellence” consists of three simple yet fundamental ideas:

  1. Revenue collection should reflect the principles of sound tax policy.
  2. Government spending should be efficient, transparent, and accountable.
  3. Spending outcomes should be measured and evaluated.

The mission of the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence (formerly known as the Minnesota Taxpayers Association) is to make these ideas the foundation of Minnesota state and local government.   We pursue this mission by

  • educating and informing Minnesotans about sound fiscal policy
  • providing state and local policy makers with objective, non-partisan research about the impacts of tax and spending policies
  • advocating for the adoption of policies reflecting principles of fiscal excellence

MCFE does not actively lobby legislators but provides analysis, consultation, and legislative testimony on issues and specific bills on a requested or as-needed basis to ensure that principles of sound tax policy and public finance are recognized.

MCFE generally defers from taking positions on levels of government taxation and spending believing that citizens, through their elected officials, are responsible for determining the level of government they are willing to support with their tax dollars.  Instead, MCFE seeks to ensure that revenues raised to support government adhere to good tax policy principles and that the spending supported by these revenues accomplishes its purpose in an efficient, transparent, and accountable manner.

The Center’s continuing efforts toward these objectives are made possible by membership dues and voluntary contributions which are the organizations primary source of revenue.  Membership is statewide, open to all, and representative of every category of taxpayer.