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Your tax deductible contribution to our Foundation arm supports factual, unbiased research to promote Minnesota’s long-term wellbeing.

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“Good government” is rooted in transparency, evidence-based policy, and a commitment to time-tested principles of public finance. Our Foundation arm advances these objectives in Minnesota state and local government through a wide variety of initiatives:

Award-winning, nationally-acclaimed comparison studies on government taxes and spending Issue Briefs and reports informing policy debates in the news Citizen education guides fostering better understanding of, and participation in, state and local government

By enhancing citizen understanding of complex fiscal policy debates while ensuring policy-making is informed by credible research and analysis, we strive to make sure efficient, effective government is not just a slogan but a lasting legacy we pass on to future generations.

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Want to support efficient, effective, fiscally responsible Minnesota government? The Minnesota Foundation for Fiscal Excellence is the 509(a)(3) supporting organization of the MCFE and provides essential financial support for research and education programs and broader fiscal investigations beyond the area of tax policy. Your tax-deductible charitable contributions to the Foundation support:

  • A wide variety of data collection, comparison and ranking studies on government taxation and spending
  • In-depth analytical studies that evaluate policies and identify reforms in government spending
  • Educational projects and publications to improve citizen understanding about what government does and how public revenues are raised and spent

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