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October 28, 2019

The Discussion: State Competitiveness Panel

A distinguished group of panelists representing different disciplines and perspectives examine Minnesota’s supply and demand for talent, the sustainability of our higher tax/higher service approach to competitiveness, and whether placing our chips on the “tech economy” makes sense.   From our 93rd

October 28, 2019

The Chancellor: Higher Education’s Role, Challenges and Opportunities

In his luncheon address at MCFE's 93rd Annual Meeting and Policy Forum, Chancellor Devinder Malhotra of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities highlighted the critical role, challenges, and opportunities state colleges and universities play in supplying the necessary talent to Minnesota, both now

August 27, 2019

State Budget Process Reform: New Rules Can’t Help What Also Troubles Minnesota

“Wagner’s Law” combined with a broken competitive structure in politics underlies and complicates the major challenge of successful state budget process reform.