NEW RELEASE 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study for Payable 2021

The 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study, Taxes Payable 2021, co-published by the MCFE and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, is now available here at the Lincoln Institute's website.

Produced annually, this study is the nation’s preeminent analysis of comparative property tax burdens.  The study calculates effective tax rates—tax paid as a percentage of market value— for residential, commercial, and industrial property in 74 large U.S. cities and a rural municipality in each state.  It incorporates the influence of state and local tax system structural features such as exemptions, credits, assessment accuracy, and assessment limits in order to provide the most meaningful and accurate comparisons of tax rates and bills.  The study also analyses the key factors that drive differences in tax rates among cities.

In the coming weeks, we will provide an analysis of Minnesota results and regional comparisons.