New Release: Minnesota’s Prices of Local Government

What is local government's claim on the income of its citizens? 

In the latest update of this annual MCFE Issue Brief, we examine Minnesota's "prices of local government" in all 87 counties.

Based on the latest available data (2016/2017), our Price of Local Government (POLG) measure is the sum of all own-source revenues collected by local governments within a county divided by the total "cash income" available to pay government taxes, fees, and other charges in that county.  POLG is similar to the state's familiar Price of Government measure, however our "cash income" basis is a modified version of "personal income" used by the state.  

The Issue Brief also highlights some relationships to POLG results, examines 5-year county-level trends, and briefly discusses some potential policy questions triggered by the findings.

Price of Local Government, 2016, by County