New MCFE Guide: "Understanding Your Property Tax Changes"

Know Why Your Property Tax Bill is Changing...And What's Responsible for the Change


With "Truth in Taxation" statements now in homes and businesses across the state and local budget hearings approaching, MCFE is pleased to announce the release of its new educational guide, "Understanding Your Property Tax Changes."

In a step-by-step, question and answer format, this guide explains how to break down your property tax statements and identify the reasons why your property tax bill is changing. By understanding the reasons for change, taxpayers can identify the people, places, and issues that are having the biggest impact on their property taxes and become more knowledgeable participants in Truth in Taxation hearings and budget setting processes.

As with all MCFE educational publications, we encourage anyone to copy, reprint, distribute, link, or otherwise make this guide available to the general public. Please credit the MCFE.