Minnesota Retains Title of "Least Miserable State"

In spite of our epically lousy spring weather and a Keillor-inspired reputation for having rather dour outlooks on life, Minnesotans proudly retains its title of Least Miserable State in the union.

Bloomberg’s second annual misery ranking is based on thirteen variables from the United Health Foundation's America's Health Rankings which are used to determine each state's Misery Score. For each variable, the state with the maximum misery value received 100 points, while the state with the minimum value received zero points. All other states received points in proportion to where their values fell between the two extremes. Each state's 13 scores were then averaged for a final Misery Score. A higher score indicates greater misery; or in other words the lower the rank the better off you are.

With national rankings in the bottom 15 of every misery category, Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Prozac doses

Air Pollution  -- 38th
Child poverty -- 44th
Low high school graduation rates -- 48th
Infant mortality -- 42nd
Lack of health insurance -- 47th
Occupation fatalities -- 49th
Poor mental health -- 46th
Poor physical health -- 50th
Premature death -- 50th
Violent crime -- 42nd
Low personal income per capita -- 40th
High Income inequality -- 37th
Un or underemployment --  41st

Most Miserable:  50th

Is this more evidence of the Minnesota’s extraordinary returns on its public sector spending? Or is this more evidence that the impacts of a decade of cuts and fiscal restraint are greatly exaggerated? Let the debate begin.