Welcome to the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence

Changing the name of an organization is not something you undertake casually. For 86 years, the Minnesota Taxpayers Association has been a highly respected voice for good government and sound tax policy. But over the decades the landscape of public policy development has changed dramatically. New organizations, new sources of information, new ways to access information – all of this places a premium on providing unique value added and effectively communicating this value added to policy makers and citizens.

This has been the topic of a year-long strategic reassessment of the organization by our board of directors. Many changes were discussed and are being implemented including a refreshment of the organization’s brand. After careful consideration and deliberation we selected “fiscal excellence” as a new theme for our organization’s work going forward.

Our new name strives to capture three important ideas. First, we promote research-based public policy rooted in principle. Second, we are involved on both sides of the budget ledger and interested in the relationship between tax and spending policies. Third, we seek an aspirational outcome – excellence for Minnesota – through our work. Our tagline defines fiscal excellence and succinctly communicates what we stand for: “Sound Tax Policy. Efficient Spending. Accountable Government.”

For long time members, this may sound very familiar and it absolutely should. The “new” organization fully conforms to the organizational mission and objectives as stated in our existing articles of incorporation which has guided this organization since 1926. It fully adheres to principles and core ideas which have been part of our messaging for decades. And it fully preserves our focus and involvement in tax policy.

For those brand new to the organization and its work, please take a few moments to peruse our new website. The “About Us” link provides important background information on our mission, activities, and the principles by which we review and evaluate public policy. The “policy areas” and “studies” links feature past work on important fiscal policy topics and some helpful educational materials.

Our press release is here.  Thanks for checking us out. And please consider hitting the “Become a Member” tab and joining us in support of fiscal excellence.