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December 08, 2015

November/December 2015

A Call For Expansion and Enforcement Of Minnesota's Current "Taxpayer Bill of Rights"

Guest contributor Jerry Geis examines the state's 25-year history with ensuring adequate procedural protections for taxpayers, examines why changing times have created new needs, and offers a series of proposals to begin the discussion.

Reasonable, Supportable, and Irresponsible

Recent Pension Commission hearings on plan assumptions demonstrate again that keeping contributions in check takes priority over fiscal responsibility.

From the Director: Tax Reformation Day

Twenty-seven theses have been nailed to the doors of Minnesota's legislative chambers.  Let's start the conversation.

October 20, 2015

September/October 2015

Highlights from the MCFE 89th Annual Meeting and Policy Forum

Wrestling with the notion of business tax fairness, recommendations for the state surplus, and a “Minnesota report card” from one of the state’s most successful business leaders.

State of the State: Minnesota Tax and Spending Rankings

Our latest reporting of tax and spending data from the U.S. Census finds Minnesota back in some familiar territory.

Hug a Corporate Tax Professional Today

Given what's going on, they could probably use one.

August 11, 2015

July/August 2015

It's All About that Base, 'Bout that Base (and No Trouble)
Guest columnist Chris Martin of PricewaterhouseCoopers examines a Minnesota bill to accomplish prospective or “rolling” federal tax conformity, the rationale for pursuing it, why the issue has special relevance for 2016, and why another special session may be in our future.

Is Minnesota As Fiscally Healthy As We Seem To Be?
A new national study ranks Minnesota 31st in state fiscal health. When examining all the dimensions of short term and long term health, Minnesota may have some opportunities for improvement.

Doing the Work of Angels
Seventy-five years ago an effort was launched to make academics and government professionals the protectors and guardians of research about government. Seventy-five years later what’s left of independent, citizen- supported research on government is needed more than ever.

MCFE News and Notes: Annual Meeting and More