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October 29, 2019

September / October 2019

93rd Annual Meeting Highlights -- The Keys to Minnesota's Competitive Future

The Siting Expert:  Location Selection Drivers and Trends

One of the nation’s leading site selection authorities offers his perspective on how business decision-making with respect to locating and expanding operations has changed and continues to change.

The Numbers: Benchmarking Minnesota’s Competitiveness

We revisit our 2013 report on Minnesota competitiveness to see where we stand and what has and hasn’t changed.

The Discussion:  State Competitiveness Panel

A distinguished group of panelists representing different disciplines and perspectives examine Minnesota’s supply and demand for talent, the sustainability of our higher tax/higher service approach to competitiveness, and whether placing our chips on the “tech economy” makes sense.

The Chancellor:  Higher Education’s Role, Challenges and Opportunities

Chancellor Devinder Malhotra of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities highlighted the critical role, challenges, and opportunities state colleges and universities play in supplying the necessary talent to Minnesota, both now and in the future.

August 21, 2019

July / August 2019

State Budget Process Reform: New Rules Can’t Help What Also Troubles Minnesota

“Wagner’s Law” combined with a broken competitive structure in politics underlies and complicates the major challenge of successful state budget process reform.

“Fix It or Junk It”

As long-time MCFE research director Aaron Twait leaves to embark on his new career, he was asked if there is was one parting recommendation he wanted to leave to the world of state government.  The answer: some frank advice regarding the Minnesota Price of Government.

“The Keys to Minnesota’s Competitive Future”  MCFE Annual Meeting and Policy Forum

Join us the morning of October 9th at the St. Paul River Centre for a look at Minnesota's competitiveness -- where we stand, how the concept itself is evolving, and most importantly what we need to be doing going forward.

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

 Aaron gets the last word in this issue.   Thank you Aaron for your great work!

June 14, 2019

May / June 2019

Session Reflections: About As Good As Could Be Expected

Reactions and analysis on some of the higher profile tax and fiscal issues making up the 2019 legislative session.

Minnesota Takeaways From the Payable 2018 50 State Property Tax Comparison Study

Forthcoming results from the Payable 2018 report will show 2017 state general tax changes had an impact while homeowners remain solidly average.

Yes, Minnesota, Our Commercial Property Taxes Are High Relative to Most Other States

Rehashed, rewarmed criticism of our 50 State Study still doesn’t change the fact Minnesota’s business property tax rankings are deserved.