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August 16, 2017

July / August 2017

What Does Washington, DC Have in Store for Minnesota?

Find our by attending our 2017 Policy Forum.

Minnesota's Fiscally Healthiest City Is....

It's not a beauty pageant.  Ratio analysis offers a way to extract more understanding out of government transparency efforts.

The Other Issue Surrounding a $15 Minimum Wage

The interactive effects of increased wages and reduced eligibility for income support programs is chock full of under-recognized consequences.

June 13, 2017

May / June 2017

Sifting Through the Results of Another Legislative Session Spectacle

Our summary and analysis of the tax and spending outcomes from a legislative session that will be remembered for some time to come.

Minnesota Takeaways From Our Latest 50 State Property Tax Comparison Study

Results from the newly-released Payable 2016 report and a look to the future

Another Lost Year in Pensionland

Tax cuts aren’t the biggest threat to the state’s long term fiscal well-being

March 30, 2017

March / April 2017

How Do You Spell "Relief"?

Omnibus tax bills have come together, and a lot of big dogs are chasing what is likely to be a compact car of tax relief

A Senior Moment

Is a tax break specifically for seniors good policy?  A look at the issues and evidence.

Price of Government Declining...Thanks to More Government Spending

The rapid growth and greater influence of government transfer payments is causing Minnesota’s Price of Government to decline making government look cheaper the larger the role it plays in the state economy.