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How Does Minnesota Compare?

Provides state-by-state rankings of state & local government revenues and spending

50-State Property Tax Comparison Study

This unique study compares property tax burdens on residential homestead, apartment, commercial/retail and industrial/manufacturing parcels across the country

Multi-State Individual Income Tax Comparison Study

Compares individual income tax burdens for various filer types at different income levels

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March / April 2016

2016 Session "Everything Just Got a Little Harder"

A shrinking surplus, tax and transportation gridlock, and a new – if slightly disingenuous – reason for increasing public pension contributions provides some of the context for the highly-compressed 2016 legislative session.

Funding a Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The alleged growing impotence of the gas tax is exaggerated, and alternative user fees may help at some point in the future.  But the real
key to transportation funding adequacy and sustainability likely demands a return to an old fashioned public finance ideal.

A Perspective on the "Local Price of All Government" in Minnesota

A look at government’s “all in” fiscal footprint – local, state, and federal – at the county level.

From the Director: The State Tax Research Institute Arrives with a Splash

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Spotlight 16-05

Covers bills introduced from 4/18/2016 to 4/22/2016 -- House Files 3939 - 3959 and Senate Files 3552 - 3585.