Legislative Spotlight

Legislative Spotlight is our "in-session" publication for lobbyists, government affairs professionals, policy makers, tax professionals, tax practitioners, and Capitol watchers.

It covers session developments, notable committee hearings and bill introductions, report releases, and other content relevant to ongoing tax/finance/budget deliberations 

“Legislative Spotlight” is published weekly during the legislative session.

February 20, 2023

Spotlight 23-05

House Tax Division Considers Smorgasbord of Property Tax Relief Options; Senate Tax Committee Also Considers Valuation Exclusions (SF973); Pension Policy: Right Action, Wrong Premise (HF1468/SF1377); Bills to Watch;  Bills In Committee

February 13, 2023

Spotlight 23-04

A Proposed Return to the Glory Years of Aid to Local Governments (HF1377);  Two $4 Billion Bills Laid Over for Omnibus Bill Consideration (HF1369; HF11/S11);  Paid Family and Medical Leave Continues Its (Mostly) Perfunctory March Through Legislative Committees; Bills to Watch;  Bills In Committee

February 06, 2023

Spotlight 23-03

Pension Commission Hears Reports on Plan Health / Legislative Priorities;  To Fund or Not Fully Fund Special Education; New OLA Report Finds Oversight and Compliance Problems in State Grants Management; Bills to Watch; Odds and Ends