Other Policy Issues

Includes civil service issues, government redesign, price of government, and a host of other topics which are intimately connected to tax and fiscal policy debates.

October 14, 2013

To Subsidize or Not to Subsidize - Highlights from MCFE's 2013 Annual Meeting

Are business tax incentives and targeted subsidies good policy?  Distinguished government and business representatives examined the issues at our 87th Annual Meeting of Members.  From our September-October 2013 edition of Fiscal Focus.

September 03, 2012

The Gorilla in the Government Redesign Room

Our 2011 annual meeting centered on the topic of government redesign. The article summarizes the panel discussion and the thoughts of our luncheon speaker - a former labor union organizer and executive, Silicon Valley CEO, and Assistant Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration charged with…

December 02, 2010

Minnesota Public Sector Compensation Part 2: Frozen Assets in Public Sector Compensation: Issues in Promoting Results-Oriented Workforce Reform

Examines how contract provisions, state laws, and government mandates impact public sector compensation. Analyzes the opportunity cost implications of these provisions. Published December 2010.