Pension / Legacy Costs

Since 2006, we've been tracking trends and policy developments pertaining to state and local pension plan health and pension reform.  All our greatest hits are here.  Be sure to take a look at our reader-friendly guide Fixing Minnesota's Public Pensions: What Every Citizen Should Know, which uses an easy-to-follow "question and answer" format to educate all Minnesotans on the controversial issues and questions surrounding the sustainability of our state and local pension plans.

May 03, 2023

Burned Out and Turning Out

A major, and largely behind the scenes, legislative campaign this session sought to provide an early retirement option for Minnesota teachers.   A look at the history of this issue, relevant findings and lessons from benchmarking TRA against other state teacher plans and Education Minnesota’s own…

October 18, 2022

Questions Surrounding Pension Policy in 2023

Valuation reports are not out yet, but questions regarding some curious reported investment returns, the push to further embrace environmental, social and governance considerations in investment decisions, the fate of items left on the table in 2022, and economic conditions are giving the Pension…