Property Taxes

Topics include local property taxation, Minnesota's statewide property tax, aids to local governments and credits.  For background understanding on what constitutes sound tax policy, please see our educational primer "Taxing Decisions Matter: A Citizens Guide to Good Tax Policy".  To understand why your property tax bill is changing -- and what's responsible, please see our educational primer "Understanding Your Property Tax Changes".

June 30, 2020

Minnesota Results for the 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study for Taxes Payable in 2019

Minnesota Creeps Up in National Rankings; Regional Comparisons Highlight Tradeoff Between Residential and Commercial Property in Minnesota’s Property Tax System

February 25, 2020

Time to Reassess the State Property Tax

There is nothing quite like the State General Tax anywhere else in the country.  There's a reason for that.

June 14, 2019

Yes, Minnesota, Our Commercial Property Taxes Are High Relative to Most Other States

Rehashed, rewarmed criticism of our 50 State Study still doesn’t change the fact Minnesota’s business property tax rankings are deserved.